Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny Headlines:

Slain Doctor Worried About His DeathIn a local paper in Canada.
Public Inquiry To Be Launched Into AvalancheA front page headline in the National Post.
Youth Hit By Train Is Rushed To Two HospitalIn a local paper.
Ministry Probes Dead FishIn a local paper in Canada.
Nixon Beneath the SurfaceThe headline of an expose column about Richard Nixon, several days after his death.
Golfing Immortal Dies Aged 6A headline in a New Zealand paper.
Flawless Take-Off Marred By HitchA headline in a New Zealand paper.
Holy Mother Crushes Sacred InfantIn a Catholic newspaper, referring to a basketball game between two Catholic High Schools.
Joint Committee Investigates Marijuana UseA local newspaper of a suburb of Toronto, describing a committee set up by the board of education and the local municipality to investigate marijuana use among high school students.
Man Died of Natural CauseWirral News Group, October 25, 2000
Tortoises Held Hostage As Lobster War Turns NastyIndependent, November 19, 2000
Rise of ‘Mutants’ Leaves France a Divided NationTimes, November 21, 2000
Pepsi To Increase Recycled Content In Products.The headline of an article in Plastics news about Pepsico increasing the amount of recycled plastic in their bottles.